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"NeckNotes Guitar Trainer is just plain simple and just plain genius!.”
Christian Duguay   Mad TV Alumni...Berklee School of Music Graduate... Co-Executive Producer, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, MTV Networks

“This technique has made it unbelievably easy to learn to play guitar.”
Ben Hochstein, Music Supervisor, MTV Networks
The guitar is set up the way it is for a reason...TO MAKE IT EASY TO PLAY! Because its hard to get past the initial frustration of trying to learn to play guitar, translate guitar tab, follow along to guitar lessons and figure out music theory...too many guitars end up gathering dust in a closet.
NeckNotes Guitar Trainer will have you playing songs, making sense of the guitar neck, understanding music theory, translating guitar tab or sheet music and training your ear in no time. ANYBODY can play guitar!

Here's why guitar schools, guitar teachers and learning guitarists all say NeckNotes Guitar Trainer makes it incredibly easy to learn to play guitar and make sense of music theory:

- Following guitar lessons and guitar video lessons is easy...when the teacher says to "play the G, slide up to the A then play the C sharp" etc, you don't have to look down at a blank guitar neck and try to follow along...you can see exactly what and where the notes are.

- Translating guitar tab and sheet music is simple...guitar tab is six lines that represent the six strings of the guitar as if you set the guitar down on your lap. The numbers tell you what fret on what string to play. A learning guitarist usually has to search around...counting up the frets in a slow, tedious process. NeckNotes are numbered so you can just look down and see what frets to place your fingers. Simple...you develop muscle memory as you learn faster.

- Large white fret markers (the white dots on the back-side of the neck) on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th frets give you clear reference points as you learn. Easy! As you look down at the neck, all the notes are easy to read. It's like tilting a book forward onto your stomach...it's right-side up as you look down at the guitar to read it...just like guitar tab on a page.

- Ear Training by PASSIVE and ACTIVE learning. You see and hear the notes as you play them...every time. A popular book on music and the brain relates it to learning colors as a child..that apple is red, that stop sign is red...learning through recognition and repetition. ANYONE can do it! Soak it in as you See Play Listen and Learn!

- You can see and hear the structure of chords, scales and songs as you play them and start to make sense of music theory and the structure of the guitar neck. If you can see where everything is, its common sense that it will be much easier to understand it. Common sense says that it works and it works.

- You can see instantly where all the bar chords are which will have you playing songs in minutes. Bar chords are where you bar a fret with your index finger and by just moving a few fingers into several positions you can play all the chords...major, minor and 7th. Kurt Cobain said that learning bar chords is what opened up the guitar for him and changed everything.

- Used by guitar schools and teachers and learning guitarists self-teaching, NeckNotes is the best training guitar training aid ever created.

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 A Standard guitar is all 6 string guitars in standard tuning (low to high or thickest string to thinnest string E A D G B e

We have Classical NeckNotes that fit Classical and Flamenco guitars too. (very wide neck...nylon g, b and high e strings) CLICK on the order button at the top of the page to purchase. 
BassNotes are coming soon! 


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