"Great people to do business with and most of all fantastic product to help aspiring students on their way to knowing their instrument. Thank you to you folks at redbluemusic.com!"

- Andrew Dorin

"Stickers went on instrument perfectly! Product came within the same week, and even had a sweet thank you note attached. Hoping to learn my notes better now that I can see them - great idea for a learning guitar."

- J.N. Packard

" These NeckNotes make is very easy to learn guitar without the additional struggle of counting or finding your place on the guitar. The company shipped them speedily and included a hand written simple thank you note, which was a surprising and welcome addition. I recommend them every chance I get, great product and very durable."

- Drake L.

" Sixteen bucks for a set of stickers? You bet, and they are worth every penny. Multicolor, one color per note, no useless pentatonic pattern in a single key to limit your understanding. This is it, this is what I was looking for."

- Ana I.

"I was teaching my daughter how to play and I bought her neck notes. She picked it up so quickly with how easy they are to use. What I didn't expect was that they would help me with solos. I've been struggling for years understanding the notes way up on the neck, with neck notes I always stay in the right key. I love neck notes!"

- A. C.

"This trainer was a life saver! I don't have great hand eye coordination and so I thought I would never be able to learn to play guitar. But I got this as suggested by a friend and its been great im learning simple chords so far and really getting good thanks to the neck notes guitar trainer. I would recommend this to anyone trying to learn its pretty cool and I love that someone created this cause without it I might not have tried."

- Satisfied Customer

"Sometimes I am just surprised at the quality of small helpful products like this. That is the case here. Great quality product, packaging, and very helpful on one of my guitars as I still struggle a bit learning the entire fretboard. I really like it and have been playing for quite a while now. I thank neck notes for their customer service ,outstanding and personalized. Keep up the good work wish you much success and will look for more innovative products from you folks."

- Richard Gere

"Excellent service, affordable and very user friendly product! Exceeded my expectations."

- Janet Lovejoy

"This has been really helpful for me to learn scales and music theory. It's a lot easier than counting everything and makes learning the fretboard a lot easier."

- K. Hudson

" This product is everything it says it is. I have never played, always wanted to , but did want lessons, until now. Now I jam!"

- John M. Meuser

"I hate having to explain where to hold your fingers to beginners or guest, and this is perfect to let them color code themselves to a perfect chord creation."

- Larry Hughes

"Not having the lettering fading problems posted in last year's reviews; shows this company is continually improving their product. Found the company responsive to questions. Great for visual learner especially!"

- Keith Plouffe